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What is a Technical Writer?

A technical writer is a professional writer who engages in technical writing wherein he or she designs, creates, and maintains technical documentation. This documentation includes online help, user guides, instructions for use or IFU manuals, white papers, design specifications, system manuals etc.

Engineers, scientists, and other professionals may also produce technical writing, usually handing their work to a professional technical writer for proofreading, editing, and formatting. A technical writer produces technical documentation for technical, business, and consumer audiences.

Technical writers work under many job titles, including Technical Communicator, Information Developer, Data Development Engineer, and Technical Documentation Specialist. In the United States, technical writers with programming skills are called programmer writers.

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Technical writers normally possess a mixture of technical and language abilities. They may have a degree or certificate in technical communications. Many technical writers switch from another technical field such as engineering or science, often after learning the required skills through technical communications classes.

A good technical writer has the ability to create, assimilate, and convey technical material in a concise and effective manner. A technical writer may specialize in a particular area. For example, API writers mostly work on API documents, while other technical writers specialize in electronic commerce, manufacturing, scientific, or medical material.

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